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Staff Emails

Name Phone Email Position
C/risaaq maxamed Cumar 0634185854 it@bankofsomaliland.net IT-Officer
Farduus Maxamed Qoofal 0634406311 generalsecretary@bankofsomaliland.net Director of General Secretar
C/shakuur Maxamed Cabdi 0634173899 a.shakuur@bankofsomaliland.net IT-Officer
Amran Abdi Ismail 0634420533 dr.humanresource@bankofsomaliland.net Director of HRM
Abdirashid Abdilahi Jama 0634666664 dr.generalaccounting@bankofsomaliland.net Director of General Accounting
mukhtaar cumar cali 0634145893 Eng.Mukhtaar.omer@gmail.com Agaasimaha xidhiidhka dadwaynaha

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